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At one point, one of the left-wing “protesters” tried pulling out his knife, which was a huge mistake.

Despite recent threats, a group of black-clad ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter extremists just learned the hard way that it’s not so easy intimidating and threatening a community of American patriots.

During a pro-police rally Saturday in Fort Collins, Colorado, a group of left-wing protesters reportedly showed up and entered a neighborhood across from the Fort Collins Police Services building where the rally was being held.

In response, the Pro-Police crowd rushed into the neighborhood and chased the mob away.

The video began with the rallygoers slowly pushing the extremists out of the neighborhood.

“So, we are currently marching the Antifa commie bas****s out of the neighborhood because nobody wants Antifa in the neighborhood. Nobody wants them here, so we’re marching them out,” the man recording the video said.

Then, a fight broke out, to which the man recording responded with , “Oh s**t, here we go!”

“You guys came to the wrong city, boys and girls,” yelled the man recording.

He was right, they did.

(The footage below shows a closer angle)

At one point, one of the extremists tried pulling out his knife, but it was quickly confiscated from him.

“Everybody keep their hands off their weapons. Keep punching each other in the face. Just don’t shoot anybody,” one of the rallygoers warned.

The fight concluded with the pro-police rallygoers pulling the extremists off the ground to send them on their way, all as one woman asked, “Is that what you really wanted?”

According to the pro-police group, the protesters had attacked a man in a wheelchair, which is apparently what had provoked the fight.

Police soon arrived and began dragging some of the trouble-makers off to jail, when they started getting a bit rough with officers on the scene.

“Now they’re going after the cops. What is that guy on?” the camera guy asked.

According to multiple people at the scene, the troublemakers were affiliated with a Black Lives Matter rally that took place earlier in the afternoon at Colorado State University. As usual, dressed in all black, they had an unclear affiliation, though some referred to them as an “ANTIFA” group.

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