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It always amazes me when conservatives are giddy about “legal immigration.”

I guess it’s the word “legal” that throws them off. But I’m here to tell you that this isn’t the 1920’s and Ellis Island is long gone.

Legal immigration in America is a lot different now than it was a million moons ago.

We’re now legally importing people that hate our guts. People like Ilhan Omar, for example, who are brought here for a better life and then spend all their time trying to change who we are and make us more like the country they just fled.

And if you think “illegals” are voting in our elections, I have news for you…It’s much more likely that legal immigrants, like the women in the video below, are illegally voting in U.S. elections versus some man or woman who snuck across the border and can hardly speak English.

Legal immigration is a different game today – and while I realize not every single person that comes here hates America, I am telling you that a growing number of people do.

That’s precisely what these three legal immigrant women represent – foreigners who hate where they come from, as much as they hate where they’re going.

I want you to watch the video below and when you do, I want you to FEEL the hatred and contempt for all things “America” from these three women – and don’t forget, all three ladies were given a generous opportunity for a better life in a country filled with hope and promise and they still hate everything about us.

And trust me, this sort of mentality lines up perfectly with the left’s radical anti-American communist agenda that’s being pushed via the riots.

Ya know, I cover a lot of viral videos doing this job, and at some point, you almost get immune to the wild content…but every once in a while I watch one of these videos and I can feel my blood pressure rise…this was one of those times.

Let me know what you thought about the video in the comments below or on social media.

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