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Mayor Lori Lightfoot is changing her tune. After orchestrated looting and violence against police happened last night in Chicago Illinois, lighting Twitter ablaze with viral posts and videos, it seems Lightfoot is feeling the heat. She finally is starting to sound like he is wanting to stop crime in Chicago.

Is she serious though, or just saving face as the entire city gets embarrassed before the United States of America? In the video below, should you want to skip forward, Mayor Lightfoot starts speaking around 6:40 into the clip.

“We are waking up in shock this morning”, she starts. She describes the situation last night as “brazen” and “extensive criminal looting and destruction”. She went on to say that these activities had nothing to do with protected free speech and protest.

Ya think?! It seems as though Democrats have been covering up the line between peaceful protest and rioting for the last two months, in our opinion only of course. Will this be a waking up moment? It’s doubtful but we hope so.

Lightfoot goes on to say that small businesses and restaurants in addition to larger corporations suffered losses last night. She says businesses were just starting to recover after Covid-19 losses and goes on to thank the Chicago PD. What a change of tune! Watch below:

We recently reported in part about a Chicago Alderman who called out Lightfoot’s lighthanded approach to crime:

You’ve probably heard the famous audio by now of the Chicago alderman who demanded Mayor Lori Lightfoot give a better plan on how to stop all the violence and destruction going on in the city. He was first ignored, and then told he was ‘full of shit’ by the infamous Democrat Mayor of Chicago, who has sparred with President Trump recently over the deployment of federal agents to the city to quell angry mobs.

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