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George Soros has a new way of cheating the 2020 elections. He is paying liberals to move to red states to change the outcome of elections.

In newly revealed documents, the Soros Foundation has funded liberals moving out of California, New York, New Jersey, and Oregon to move into states that traditionally vote republican to help sway the elections to the left.

It is a strategy that they believe will pay off.

Polls showing republicans doing poorly in these red states raised concerns, knowing these were solidly red districts and turning blue. Records indicated that the relocation project started in December 2016 after Donald Trump won the presidential election.

The thinking behind the relocation project was to tip the electoral college in favor of Democrats, as well as beating out Republicans in local elections.

States like Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Kansas, and even Texas have seen more democrats elected than have ever been historically. 

Even Alabama now has a Democrat elected senator because of these liberal relocations. Former Oregon resident Joe Barron has settled into his new home in Long Hairs, Texas just waiting to pounce.

“We’ve got thousands of liberals scattered all throughout Texas, registered to vote and beat these republicans” he exclaimed. “This plan is genius, I’m being paid a handsome salary to live here and vote!”

Locals are starting to get wind of what’s going on, and they’re none to happy. Sandy Batt, and her long time companion Bob Smith are furious. They’ve made Trailerland, Kansas their home 48 years ago and have made sure to vote in every election, and vote republican exclusively.

“We knowed that these gulldarned liberals were movin in here,” she said angrily. “I could tell they were out of towners when I saw them wearing shoes!” 

She also pointed out a dentist’s office that just sprung up, noting that most people don’t go to the dentist in her county.

Soros is sure this will pay off mightily. Watching liberals thrive in towns that republicans have destroyed for years with low wages is starting to really pay off.

The liberals have even started cleaning up these towns and started teaching the locals how to read and do the math to see how bad they’ve been getting screwed by fat-fat republicans.

Pretty soon, liberals will be in control of these states and people will have healthcare and decent-paying jobs, and Republicans know that’s just the start of a slippery slope. Pretty soon they’ll be out of a job, one they never should have had in the first place.

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