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It appears there will be no kneeling controversy in the NFL this year, as there will be no national anthem to kneel for. Yesterday, the NFL Board of Directors voted unanimously on the decision, citing that the anthem is “offensive to the players”.

Deputy Regent of the NFL, Joe Barron, issued the following statement at a press conference regarding the decision:

“After numerous complaints from players and fans, we decided to look into removing the national anthem from games. Many players said that the anthem was offensive and shook them to the very core of their being.

It was for this reason that we decided to hold a vote to remove the national anthem from all games beginning this season. The result was overwhelming. All 10 members of the NFL Board of Regents voted to ban the anthem.

We have heard your voices loud and clear. Now we are taking action. We don’t care about making the game better, safer or doing anything substantial about social justice issues, but we are listening and will always provide you with symbolic gestures.”

As if kneeling during the anthem wasn’t bad enough, the NFL decided to completely turn their backs on America. If they hate this country so much, perhaps they should play their games on another country like North Korea.

This is nothing short of blatant treason and the President needs to take immediate action against the NFL. This sort of sedition can not be allowed to go unpunished. The first amendment is the least important and freedom of speech means less than devotion to country.

Rumors are already swirling in Washington that Trump is already drawing up an executive order to Tik Tok the NFL. They deserve it.

We don’t need NFL, or Tik Tok, or any of these other traitors in our country.

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