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Barack Obama and the Democrats were devoted to eliminating Christian values in American society. They forced businesses to serve those that we found morally repugnant and they allowed men into women’s washrooms. They tried to make practices that go against God’s Law mainstream and normal.

Their must heinous offense, of course, was to legalize the matrimonial union of same-sex couples. Gay marriage became a right under Obama, and the traditional institution immediately began to crumble with those of opposite sexes refusing to wed and those already joined going to divorce in record numbers.

President Trump has been a long time opponent of gay marriage. He was very public about this long before he decided to run for office, stating, “Look, I have no problem with homosexuals. I just think that a marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman.” Well now he’s going to do something about it.

The Justice Department has announced plans to reverse the Marriage Equality Act at the request of the President himself. Undone will be the legality of same-sex marriages themselves, the forcing of employers to allow benefits to same-sex couples, and the removal of any other equality and anti-discrimination rights for LGBTQ that they can think of.

White House spokesperson, Joseph B. Lowe, summed up the President’s intentions by stating:

“It’s time to bring back biblical law. This is just the beginning.”

And it’s about time Mr. President. A wholesome Christian nation thinks you.

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