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AUSTIN, TX – It’s starting to look like a war zone in Austin. 

That’s according to numerous sources in both local and state law enforcement – who said several “buses full” of self-proclaimed Antifa members poured into the city Saturday evening.

Now we’re told that police officers are coming under attack.  Numerous officers have been hit in the eyes with lasers – which can cause permanent blindness.

We’re told by our law enforcement sources on the ground – who have asked that we keep their identities confidential – that buses filled with armed protestors have poured into the city, and roving “patrols” of Antifa members are moving about the streets – heavily armed.

One Law Enforcement Today source at Texas DPS said the troopers were prepared for it – but are still blown away by the number of people flooding into the city right now.

“We have had protests every single night since May 29th, and so the state has 700 Troopers in Austin right now,” he told Law Enforcement Today.

For context, the state has a total of approximately 2900 troopers, we’re told.

Intel that’s come into APD and state agencies that has been confidentially shared with Law Enforcement Today is that the “protestors” – or “insurgents”, as they should be called – plan to “gain control of the Capital” and “blow up Austin PD” tonight.

Of course all of this comes on the heels of a shooting incident in Austin that led to the death of a man who was often seen at Black Lives Matter protests.

Now we have learned that active Army Sergeant Daniel Perry has confessed to shooting and killing the protester, identified as 27-year-old Garret Foster, on July 25 in downtown Austin.   Currently, no one has been charged or arrested in connection to the death.

Perry was driving for a ride-share company when he turned on to Congress Avenue and “encountered a throng of people in the street,” according to Clint Broden, an attorney for Dallas-based Broden, Mickelsen, LLP, representing Perry.

Broden also said that Perry didn’t know about the protest and was dropping off a passenger at the time.

Once he made that turn, several people allegedly started beating on Perry’s vehicle. An individual carrying an AK-47 (later identified as Foster) approached the car. Foster motioned with the rifle for Perry to lower his window.

At first Perry thought the individual was with law enforcement and complied with the individual. But after rolling down his window, Perry realized the individual was not with law enforcement. 

It was confirmed by several witnesses that Foster began to raise the firearm toward Perry. It was then that Perry, who keeps a handgun in his vehicle for safety while driving with the ride-share company, fired on Foster to protect his own life.

According to Broden:

“It has now been confirmed by several witnesses that this individual with the [rifle] then began to raise the [rifle] toward Sgt. Perry.  It was only then that Sgt. Perry, who carried a handgun in his car for his own protection while driving strangers in the ride share program, fired on the person to protect his own life.

“Immediately after Sgt. Perry fired on the individual who raised the…rifle toward him, a member of the crowd began firing on Sgt. Perry’s vehicle.  Sgt. Perry drove to safety and immediately called the police.  He waited for the police to arrive and fully cooperated with the police following the shooting and he continues to do so.”

” … Sgt. Perry and his family deeply sympathize with the loss and grief being experienced by Mr. Foster’s family.  Sgt. Perry is devastated by what happened.”

Police said that they received a 911 call after the shooting from a man claiming they shot someone at the protest who had approached their vehicle and pointed a rifle at them.

Police brought the caller and another individual–who claimed they fired back at the vehicle as it drove away–in for questioning. That person has not yet been identified.

Police confiscated both of the involved person’s handguns, but both individuals have been released. Both had concealed handgun licenses, said police in a press conference on Sunday.

It’s legal to open-carry a firearm in public without a permit in Texas, so long as it is not done in a “manner calculated to alarm,” said police at a press conference at the scene.

Independent journalist, Hiram Gilberto Garcia, said he interviewed Foster prior to the shooting. During the interview, Foster said he was carrying an AK-47.

Foster said on camera:

“They don’t let us march in the streets anymore, so I’ve got to practice some of my rights.

“My roommate got arrested and they stopped letting us march anywhere, so I started carrying.”

He didn’t think he would use the firearm, however:

“If I use it against the cops, I’m dead.”

“I think all the people that hate us and want to say shit to us are too big of pussies to stop and actually do anything about it.”

According to witnesses, a disturbance began when a vehicle started honking at protesters. The vehicle stopped as protesters crossed the street and Foster, who was holding an AK-47 rifle, approached the driver’s side window and was shot from inside the vehicle, said police.

At the scene, police officers located Foster with a gunshot wound and Austin EMS medics began administering CPR.  He was transported to Del Serton Medical Center at 10:18 p.m. with critical, life-threatening injuries, but was pronounced dead shortly after.

Perry is an active duty soldier assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, said U.S. Army officials. He’s been serving in the military for eight years and is a decorated soldier.

In a statement on Friday, Army officials said:

“The unit continues to cooperate with the Austin Police Department in their ongoing investigation.”

Some activists are expressing concern that Perry has previously made statements against the riots that have occurred in other areas.

Apparently, when President Trump tweeted about “protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters or lowlifes” facing a “much different scene” if they conducted themselves in that manner than those who had been causing chaos in New York, Seattle or Minneapolis. 

According to

“Perry responded from a now-deleted account with the username ‘@knivesfromtrigu.’ The tweet read, ‘Send them to Texas we will show them why we say don’t mess with Texas.’ That account was identified as being connected to Perry by Tribune of the People, which bills itself as a ‘revolutionary news service.’”

The Tribune also attempted to slander Perry by writing that they were the first to “boldly accuse” Perry of the shooting death of Foster, but every other report said that the attorney’s released statement was actually the source of the information.

In addition to the above tweet, Perry also responded:

“Fuck that shit you shoot center of mass. 1 it is a bigger target. 2 it still drops them. 3 even if you shoot them in the leg there is a major artery that will cause the person to bleed out in just a few minutes.”

They also pointed to a previously written blog post from seven years ago that’s apparently from shortly after when Perry got back to the US from Afghanistan.

Of the post, the Tribune said:

“The evidence uncovered paints the picture of a reactionary individual, one who was charged with assault in 2005 according to one report sent to the Tribune, has expressed malicious intent against protesters in the movement for Black Lives on social media and who confessed to being unstable and isolated in a personal blog.”

Perry’s post said:

“I have been dumped while I was in Afghanistan and my own parents made it pretty clear that when I better stay in the army, because when I get out that is it they are not going to help me out and I am going to be living in the streets like [those] vets you see begging for your change addicted to drugs because that is there only way put of the pain that they feel. All in all I am fucked.”

The Tribune also claims that Perry went to a vigil for Foster and began threatening mourners:

“The extent of Perry’s hatred for what Garrett represented, a true hero and servant of the people, was exposed when he harassed those who had set up a vigil for Garrett, captured on camera.”

Then, like true unbiased media, the Tribune said:

“Perry is the opposite of Garrett. He is a danger to those around him and deserves all the anger that this report will provoke against him.”

Police are asking anyone with video evidence to come forward

Here’s Law Enforcement Today’s previous report on this incident.

A Black Lives Matter protest in the streets of downtown Austin turned violent when, Garrett Foster, who was armed with an AK-47, was killed by a driver who shot and killed him while being confronted by protesters.

According to police and witnesses, shortly before 10 p.m. local time, Black Lives Matter protesters were marching through the intersection of Fourth Street and Congress Avenue when a motorist honked their horn and then turned aggressively through the intersection — while protesters were still in it — and abruptly stopped.

In a livestreamed video shot by independent journalist Hiram Gilberto Garcia, some of the protesters can be seen converging on the vehicle, at which point a man can be heard shouting:

“Everybody back up!”

In another video, the car is seen driving away following the gun shots.

Garrett Foster, a 28-year-old man marching in the protest with his disabled fiancée, Whitney Mitchell, was laying on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds in the pool of blood.

Foster was carrying an AK-47 that fellow protesters say he often did as he marched. Foster and his fiancée were regular attendants at the ongoing protests in the city. 

CPR was performed on scene unsuccessfully as Foster was rushed to Dell Seton Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Foster was interviewed on camera shortly before the incident. He said he started carrying the AK-47 recently because:

“My roommate got arrested and they stopped letting us march anywhere, so I started carrying.”

He also said he didn’t think he would have to use it:

“If I use it against the cops, I’m dead.

“I think all the people that hate us and want to say shit to us are too big of pussies to stop and actually do anything about it.”

Witnesses on scene have stated that Foster kept his rifle pointed at the ground as he approached the vehicle, and that he was not the only protester carrying a firearm during the march. They say that the driver pointed a handgun through the car window and fired specifically at Foster.

Witness Michael Capochiano told the New York Times that Foster “was not aiming the gun or doing anything aggressive with the gun”:

“He was not holding it in an aggressive manner. I’m not sure if there was much of an exchange of words. It wasn’t like there was any sort of verbal altercations. He wasn’t charging at the car. He was just walking over there.”

Capochiano said that he did not see the driver fire at anyone other than Foster. He also said that when the driver originally surged through the intersection:

“You could hear the wheels squealing from hitting the accelerator so fast … I’m a little surprised that nobody got hit.”

The driver of the vehicle tells a different story, however. Austin Police say that the driver told investigators that Foster had pointed his rifle at his car.

At a press conference, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said that the driver of the car called 911 after the shooting to report that someone had pointed a gun at his vehicle and that he had fired on them.

Manley said that the first person who appeared to fire was the driver, and then a second person (not Foster) drew a handgun and opened fire on the car as it drove away.

He said that police have heard from witnesses who had “several different versions of the incident” and that detectives are reviewing the “precise actions” of everyone involved. He asked for anyone with more information or footage of the event to come forward.

Chief Manley said that the driver and the second shooter, who have both been cooperative to this point, have been released “pending further investigation.”

He did not identify either shooter and would not say why the driver had been in the area.

Chief Manley said:

“We are heartbroken over the loss of Mr. Foster last night. [The shooting] is actively being investigated … in conjunction with the Travis County District Attorney’s Office.”

Foster’s sudden death has been especially traumatizing for Mitchell, her mother, Patricia Kirven, told the Dallas Morning News. The couple got engaged when they were 18, a month before an infection caused Mitchell to lose her arms and legs.

Friends of Mitchell who witnessed the incident told Kirven that Foster had jumped in front of her, fearing she was a target.

Kirven said:

“They thought the person was aiming at her because she is a sitting duck.”

After Foster was shot, Mitchell called her mother frantically telling her he was shot. Kirven said:

“She physically is okay, but mentally she is not. ‘Inconsolable’ is the only word I can think of.”

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