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Because in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton has become a mad man or woman making her rear give up surpassed her through president trump. No, that is not a harsh claim. Based entirely on her own three-year words and actions, knowing that her failure, any sensible person, might come to this same conclusion.


She obviously can not be offered the fact that she’s turned into America’s no longer elected president. She sticks her nostrils into white house business over and over again, asking us what the president is “doing wrong” or how she’d cope with these and other circumstances. Often, she repeats her fantasy that we needed her, that there were more people who voted for her.     
She …… she. It. It. Not won. Let’s go. That. Pass. Pass.
Now, with the Democrats trying to get rid of our elected president’s office with a bogus impeachment, she’s at it once again and the madness has gotten crazier.In an interview with ’60 minutes,’ Clinton was asked for her thoughts on the prospect of impeaching the guy who trounced her in Presidential ballots. Surely her answer suggests that she is dropping it:
“This situation is properly examined by permit. The guy who did not get the Yankee public’s popular vote anymore, who robbed a victory through the electoral university, who tried to persuade u. s. a. To throw me into prison without fees, and who is certainly unqualified for the task is accused of criminal offenses in breach of his workplace oath. What are my thoughts about that?My mind is that because of his accusations, I warned everybody that this would appear, and that my closing three years was hell. For god’s sake, a bomb turned into a mail to me. He ‘d turned my life up the other direction.And my simple idea is that if Trump is dropped, I need to get his seat. I won it, and the people wanted me.’   ⇆   

What if Hillary Clinton had become president?   

The US came so close to nominating President Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Britain came so close to opposing Brexit. And if things worked out differently? Creators of some of the best recent books and shows on television construct alternate universes based on such enticing what-ifs. The audacious new novel by Curtis Sittenfeld, Rodham, imagines what life would have been like for Hillary Rodham if she had not married Bill Clinton. Sci-fi master William Gibson ‘s novel Agency is partly set in a world where Hillary is president and Brexit has never happened. First install of the smart this season,   

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