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A new report from a group of anti-Obama conservatives shows that the man who was the 44th President of the United States wasn’t even supposed to be on the ballot in a majority of states.

Officials from 17 states have confirmed that the signatures collected by the Obama team to get him on their ballots contained fraudulent information from fake people.

Art Tubolls, Director of Information and Propaganda for the trump White House, said the scandal should finally get Obama the recognition as a criminal that he deserves:

“In each of the 17 states, there were signatures on the registration forms that don’t match any voters on record. In Nevada, for example, more than 4 people who aren’t actually registered to vote signed the papers, nullifying their signmatures and all that came after them.

“They should have stopped right there and erased them, but they didn’t. Now, it’s too late. These people changed history and they should pay.”

Those 5 signatures would have brought the total amount of signatures to one below the threshold for a candidate to be on the ballot had they stopped right there, which would have been the way to properly go about addressing this massive voter fraud.

If they can’t contain those 5 people, how are we supposed to be sure that next time, it won’t be 10 people? What about 20? Presidential elections are often decided by less than 11 votes in some states, and it looks like this time, we should have had President McCain and Vice-President Palin.

So once again, if you take the rules and make them specific to a small cross-section of Americans, you can find ways to nullify an entire presidency. Unless it’s Trump. His loss by more than 2 million votes is one of the only times in history that the people got to choose, not some stupid rule.

Now it will be on the Justice Department to prosecute the fraudsters and it will be up to the Supreme Court to erase his presidency from the record.

Then maybe we can all just move forward.

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