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These poor kids care barely walk on their own, yet they’re still being used as vulgar “social justice” props by their irresponsible parents.

You will never see this on the mainstream media – they want you to believe that these protests and this BLM movement are loving and peaceful.

Thankfully, investigative journalist Andy Ngo, who has had a lot of experience covering ANTIFA – especially in Portland – is bringing us the truth.

And while we’ve become accustomed to seeing a lot of terrible things from these violent rioters, this video below is exceptionally disturbing since it involves innocent kids.

Ngo captured a group of toddlers (and young children) who were carrying vulgar, anti-cop and anti-Trump signs while toddling along with a group of grown-ups – some presumed to be the children’s parents.

The signs all carried the same theme: ““F*ck the Feds and the Police.”

When the kids were asked about their signs one child walked up to the person filming and said, “Fuck the police!”

If you listen closely, you can hear a man in the background encouraging the kids to keep it up. That prompts another child to say “Fuck the police!”

Seriously, these parents and guardians should be arrested.

You can watch the video below (graphic language):

We are raising a generation of communist children who are being taught by parents and schools to gate and fight against law and order.

And if we don’t get control over this now, this country is about a generation away of complete destruction.

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