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OC gave this statement at a press conference:

“This quarantine needs to be done with. No way in hell are we postponing the DNC. How will we be able to take back the throne if we don’t have a candidate? This is more important than the quarantine. I mean, the heat of April will kill off the virus anyway so we really have nothing to worry about.”

“AOC. She’s crazy. More crazy than crazy Bernie. They tell me she claims the heat will kill the virus. Who says these things? It’s bonkers. Democrats are loony. And then she wants to have the DNC? So selfish. Democrats only think about themselves. Then she wants to have everything open by Easter? Really nuts. She needs to be committed or something. I am President and have to look after the well-being of Americans so this quarantine will go on unti the current threat is gone.”

Republicans applauded the president’s decision and Senator Joe Barron said “lives are more important than the economy”.

It makes sense that Democrats would want to have Americans die in their quest for power. They truly care nothing about the well-being of Americans and will even use a national emergency to make a grab for power. It is sickening. Vote red always.

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