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If you continue to push good and decent people, and intimidate them with mobs and weapons, they will fight back.

Nobody wants to be a sitting duck. We’ve seen what happens to the people that don’t fight back against the liberal. communist mob. They’re beaten and sometimes killed.

That’s likely what was running through the head of a driver who was surrounded by the mob in Austin, Texas.

Reports claim that an armed BLM supporter approached the person’s car in an “aggressive” manner with a rifle and he shot him dead.


According to APD, initial reports said the victim might have been carrying a rifle when he approached the suspect’s vehicle. That’s when the suspect shot at the victim.

APD said the suspect is detained and is cooperating with officers. Neither the identity of the victim or suspect was released.

No one else was injured in the shooting, according to APD, even though Austin-Travis County EMS said emergency calls originally came in for multiple victims.

Live streams of the protests from Hiram Gilberto show the crowd of protesters downtown as shots rang out. The crowd then scatters and screams can be heard. Viewer discretion is advised for that video, as it can be disturbing.

APD said it’s still an early and active investigation and did not release further information.

You can watch the video below:The Daily Reformer :   U.S. blacklists Chinese logistics firm over business with Iran airline

This is an earlier video of the BLM rioter who was shot and killed. He was interviewed with his weapon by local TV crews.

These communist kids are out in the streets playing a very deadly game right now.The Daily Reformer :   In Shake-Up, UK Government Plans Televised Media Briefings

This isn’t a joke – nobody believes these protests are “peaceful.” We’ve all seen the videos of drivers being beaten and killed and people will defend themselves.The Daily Reformer :   UK to require employers to pay 20-30% of furloughed wage cost

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