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MINNEAPOLIS, MN:  Rep Ilhan Omar is on the verge of an earth-shattering defeat in the Democrat Congressional primary August 11.  Political newcomer Antone Melton-Meaux (Antone For Congress) is the freshman congresswoman’s opponent. Melton-Meaux raised more than $3 million dollars in the last quarter compared to $471,000 for Ilhan Omar. His record-breaking haul compared to meager fundraising by Omar comes amidst a storm of controversy over her explosive personal affairs and extreme leftwing anti-American radical sentiments.

Melton-Meaux reported having $2 million in cash on hand with 3 weeks to go. The primary for the 5th Congressional district is August 11th. Omar reported having $1.1 million dollars in cash on hand.

More importantly, Melton-Meaux raised $323,310 from within the State of Minnesota while Omar raised just $11, 849. That is staggering. Of that total Melton-Meaux raised $236,921 from the 5th district.

Meanwhile, Ilhan Omar raised just $8000 for the entire quarter from her own congressional district. He raised thirty times the amount of money than she did in both her home district and state.

An ominous sign for Omar.

It speaks to her deteriorating support in her own community. Even as she continues to be a pernicious voice in the body politic. With an oversize presence on the national stage. That may all be coming to an end on August 11th.

Antone Melton-Meaux first rose to prominence in 2015 after Blacks Live Matter protests prompted him to send a scathing letter to the Minneapolis Star Tribune to critique their political focus and their methods.

As the Intercept reported:

“Black Lives Matter movement must be accountable, broaden its vision,” read the headline. The protesters, Melton-Meaux argued in the opinion piece, had gone too far with an anti-police chant, and that the real focus ought to be on broader ills within the black community.

“The movement must quickly pivot and embrace a bigger tent that is inclusive of the most critical challenges that face the black community,” wrote Melton-Meaux, noting that black student test scores in the city were dismal. “When did Black Lives Matter march on the Minneapolis school board or administration? It didn’t happen.”

Antone Melton-Meaux: Education is the key

“Education is the most critical piece of the fragmented puzzle,” wrote Melton-Meaux. “Key issues in the black community also include joblessness, low wages, crime and the broken family structure.”

Melton-Meaux expressed concern with what he saw as messages “targeted to incite violence against police officers”: “the movement cannot retain credibility if it defends destructive chants that have no place in our public discourse.”

Fundraising gap is “Staggering”

The Star Tribune called the fundraising gap between Omar and Melton Meaux “Staggering”. They went on:

“The fundraising gap would be striking for any newcomer challenging an incumbent, but it’s especially notable in a race against Omar, a freshman Democrat and member of “The Squad” who has risen to prominence as one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress.

The Star Tribune continues:

“Melton-Meaux has emerged as the most prominent of four DFL primary challengers to Omar, running on a message of focusing on the needs of the Fifth District, which includes Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, Richfield, Crystal, Robbinsdale, Golden Valley, New Hope, Fridley and parts of Edina. Electorally, the district is one of the safest Democratic seats in the nation”

The seat he is seeking was formerly held by the extreme left-wing Congressman Keith Ellison. Ellison was succeeded by Omar and is now Minnesota Attorney General. A win for Melton-Meaux would be a shot across the bow against the radical Democrats. It would send a shocking message to Nancy Pelosi and the rest of “The Squad”.

Melton-Meaux: A new type of centrist Democrat

Melton-Meaux is what used to be called a centrist Democrat. He received a law degree from the University of Virginia and earned a Masters of Theology from the acclaimed Union Theological Seminary in Richmond Virginia. He is a practicing attorney in Minneapolis who describes himself as a progressive lifelong Democrat.

“It’s clear that people in Minnesota and the Fifth District are ready for new leadership. Throughout the race, our campaign has consistently raised more money locally than my opponent, one of the strongest indicators of my grassroots support,” said Melton-Meaux in a statement. “People are tired of our politicians shouting at each other and getting nothing done. People need help. They need change and they need real results.”
“I chose to run for Congress, because we have serious inequities in our community and Congresswoman Omar has failed to address those inequities. The people of our district need and deserve a representative who wants to unite people, find common ground, and deliver results to improve the quality of life for all of us.”
According to the Jewish affairs online magazine

“Melton-Meaux is a 47-year-old Lutheran with a master’s degree in the study of the Hebrew Bible and has ties to the Minneapolis area’s Jewish community. Some of Melton-Meaux’s donations have come from conservative donors and pro-Israel groups like NORPAC. Melton-Meaux told the Star Tribune that Omar’s comments about Israel have hurt her reputation in the Jewish community.”

“I’ve been sorely saddened and disappointed by the words and the rhetoric of Congresswoman Omar,” Melton-Meaux said in a zoom interview with The Forward earlier in late June. “Her tropes, which have been well-documented now, were hurtful to the Jewish community and I know this because I’ve spoken with them. There’s still a deep sense of betrayal and frustration with the use of those words and the sentiments. We don’t have the time for someone to be in this role whose principal vision towards Jewish community, Israel and many others, is that of a division.”

Ilhan Omar’s Soap Opera

Omar is in clear danger of losing on August 11. The Democratic-Farmer-Labor primary for the 5th district is little more than 3 weeks from now. The staggering differences in fundraising at the local level. The near-total collapse of Omar’s fundraising in her own distinct. It all does not bode well for her.

None of which is surprising given her complex private life and the more than $800 000 dollars she has funneled into her new husband Tim Mynett’s political consulting business, E Street Group.  $228,000 in the last quarter alone. (Ilhan Omar may pay husband’s political firm over $1M by end of year)

Omar was first married to Ahmed Hirsi from 2002-2008, Omar was also married to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi (2009- 2017). Following her divorce (2017) from Almi, Omar remarried Hirsi (2018), who reportedly married 37 days after their second divorce.  Hirsi learned of Ilhan’s affair with her chief fundraiser when he walked in on the two in her DC apartment. (The ‘Ups and Downs’ of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Marriage to Ahmed Hirsi Before She Filed for Divorce).

Add Mynett’s messy divorce to Omar’s previous marriage to her alleged brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi for purposes of immigration fraud. Her campaign finance violations (Rep. Ilhan Omar to reimburse $3,500 in misspent campaign funds). To make no mention of the continual stream of anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli, and anti-American rhetoric that seems to flow unabated from her mouth. 

All in all, Ilhan Omar appears to have shot her credibility with Minneapolis and most of her own community.

Much less with Mynett’s ex-wife and kids.

A new day for the 5th District of Minneapolis

The 5th district of Minneapolis is destined to have a progressive Democrat in Congress. At least it can have someone who seems motivated to genuinely help his community find common ground. Both within Minneapolis and with a newly re-elected President Donald Trump.

Right now, there are only three weeks to go. With a fundraising trajectory for Antone Melton-Meaux that is on fire, it doesn’t look good for Ilhan Omar.

That’s good news for America.

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