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When Colin Kaepernick began to kneel for the national anthem, he showed total disrespect for our country and for our veterans. He also brought thousands of other traitors out of the woodwork, all of them suddenly feeling brave enough to publicly show how much they hate America. Athletes in all sports and around the world began to follow his lead by doing some kneeling of their own, following their kneeling leader.

Now some professional sports are taking this nonsense one step further. Major League Baseball intends to announce that, “in solidarity with Colin and BLM,” they “will no longer play the Star-Spangled Banner during their preseason or regular-season games.”

It’s a move that is expected to be popular with the communist-fascist crowd but met with outrage by true American patriots.

MLB commissioner, Joe Barron, has already written a press release that was leaked to us in advance of the official announcement.

“The US national anthem is an antiquated symbol of oppression and slavery. Additionally, it lacks inclusivity. People of color are not mentioned in it even once. That we have been playing it for so long is our shame.

But we now intend to make it right. Henceforth, that disgusting rabble will never again be heard in our stadiums. We will not allow its racist commentary to be heard by our players. To do so would make us complicit in the discrimination felt by them around the world and that is not what baseball is about.

Baseball is about playing a game, not engagement in political discourse. Leave the anthem to Klan rally‘s and Trump events. We want no part of it.“

Patriots who have heard this news are already calling for a boycott of the major leagues. Baseball needs to hear us through our pocketbooks and, when they do, they will see what a mistake they have made.

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