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Naples Vice Mayor Terry Hutchison said he believes that soon the city will be discussing mandatory coronavirus vaccines.

He said now that mask mandates are a consideration, he views the topic of coronavirus vaccines as another step. He is encouraging the community to reach out to him and share their thoughts.

Vice Mayor Hutchison said he wants each individual to have their own choice, and he would not be in favor of a vaccine mandate.


Nonetheless, if you think something like this can’t happen, think again. The city can decide to mandate a vaccine. It’s been done many times before in history, including just a couple of years ago in Brooklyn, especially affecting the Hasidic Jew population. If they did not get the MMR vaccine for their children they went to prison, faced fines, and could be separated from them. So they complied and gave their children the MMR vaccine to keep that from happening. That’s what we predict in the unforeseeable future.

Hutchinson said he said he plans to bring up the topic at Naple’s next city council meeting.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story may have been down on NBC2’s site for a while today. They announced on their Facebook page that they are moving to a new website and that there may be some technical hiccups along the way.

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