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The founder of Jimmy John’s Jimmy John Liautaud has donated $100,000 to President Trump’s Re-election campaign according to Business insider.

Jimmy John Liautaud and his wife Leslie Liautaud has donated $100,000 for President Trump Re-election bid. Now the radical left Democrats are calling for a “Boycott” on the fast-food chain Jimmy John’s so more than ever they need your support.


Jimmy John Liautaud has built a billion-dollar fortune selling sandwiches.

Since opening his first restaurant at age 19, Liautaud has grown his eponymous sandwich shop into a sub empire with over 2,000 locations. The billionaire has spent some of his riches collecting luxury sports cars, a 200-foot yacht, a sprawling real-estate portfolio, and bolstering Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection bid.

Keep reading to learn more about sandwich billionaire Jimmy John Liautaud.

Born in 1964 in suburban Arlington Heights, Illinois, Liautaud was the second of four children born to serial entrepreneur and Army veteran James Liautaud and elementary school teacher Gina Liautaud, according to his autobiography on the Jimmy John’s website.

“My early years in life were an utter failure,” Liautaud told Forbes in January 2019. “I graduated second-to-last in my class in high school, and I was a fat kid.”

James Liautaud wanted his son to continue the family tradition of military service after high school, according to Liautaud’s autobiography. But Liautaud dreamed of opening a business, so he convinced his father to loan him $25,000 to start one, on the condition that if the new venture didn’t become profitable in a year, Liautaud would enlist.

jimmy johns
A Jimmy John’s employee makes sandwiches. Liautaud not pictured. 

Liautaud began to sell Jimmy John’s franchises in 1993, according to Entrepreneur. The chain opened its 2,000th location in 2014, according to the Jimmy John’s website. The sandwich chain now says it has over 2,800 stores.

Same-store sales began to slip in 2014, and have fallen every year since as the brand has faced increasing competition for its signature delivery service, Forbes reported. The coronavirus crisis dealt another blow.

“Well, with this particular industry, with the restaurant industry, I think that we’re the first ones to be affected. And I think that we’re going to be the last ones that are going to get back to normal,” Liautaud said in a statement released by the Liautaud Family Foundation. “The coronavirus poses a threat to the future of the food service industry which employs more than 15 million Americans.”

Jimmy John’s is still ranked among the best franchise opportunities in the country at No. 23, according to Entrepreneur.

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