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111 Rock Street, San Francisco

She was shouting “Refund the police!” and “get the paint!”

There’s a lot of Americans who are not on board with “Black Lives Matter.”

Those of us who actually care about black lives, and all lives, want to see Democrat politicians and so-called black “activists” actually do something that will help black communities, like school choice, trade schools, repairing the family unit, infrastructure, and jobs.

What’s happening to the black community is not entirely the police’s fault…It’s so much bigger than that. The Democrats have left their black voters in the dust, exactly where they want them to be: hopeless, angry, and dependent on the government, and focused on everything else but what’s really wrong.

It’s absurd and it’s sad. 

Not to say all cops are perfect – no – they’re not and I am sure there are some very real issues that need to be dealt with, but Black Lives Matter is not the group to do it.

But regardless, the movement is being stuffed down everyone’s gullet by the media, politicians, and corporate America, and honestly, some people have reached their breaking point.

People like Bevelyn Beatty from “At The Well Ministries” in New York City are completely fed up.

Bevelyn marched down to the BLM mural which was painted on the street in front of Trump Tower, with her bucket of black paint, shouting “Refund the Police” and “Get The Paint.”

You can watch the video below:

How much taxpayer money did de Blasio spend on that mural? How much money is he spending to repair it? It’s been damaged 3 times already.

Why not use that money to actually help black folks, instead of vulture signaling? Because trust me, a street mural in Manhattan is not going to do anything to help a hopeless and desperate family – and it’s insulting and ridiculous to think it would.

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