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In a “revolutionary” leaked phone call from the “former Potus,” it has emerged that, Barrack Obama wanted our beloved actual Potus DEAD!The phone call surfaced in the so-called FISA abuse report that was collated by the previous administration in operation crossfire. We can hear Obama talking to Adam Schiff about the option of “dispatching “ the president-elect in a very dubious way! Adam Schiff was recently quoted in an interview saying,

“To hell, I would have voted to impeach former President Obama if he was found to have engaged in the same conduct President Trump is charged with in the impeachment articles brought against him.”

Here is the original anecdotal evidence we were looking for that serves as proof that Obama is still President of the United States!

Obama: “Hi Ad”.

Schiff: “Hi Dude , sup.”

Obama: “Aww you know, ‘thinking about Trump again. Couldn’t sleep, yo”.

Schiff: “Yup IKR.”

Obama: “Thinking about getting messy n shit this time.”

Schiff: “Penny for them fam ?”

Obama: “We’ve got to get Hillary in on this too, you know? Like she knows where all the bodies be, brah!”

Schiff: “Aiight fam ! Got your drift, you want a dispatch team?”

Obama: “Like yesterday, broseph ! Can we deal with it dude? No witnesses or lose ends. What should we call it?”

Schiff: “Err oh , well cross fire sounds awse! What do you think?”Obama: “You’re on fire dude, this will be the thing that breaks the camel’s back yo!”

This follows a previous theory that on March 4, 2017, President Donald Trump wrote a series of posts on his Twitter account that accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his phones at his Trump Tower office late in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump called for a congressional investigation into the matter, and the Trump administration cited news reports to defend these accusations. His initial claims were based on an article in Breitbart News, a website that publishes the truest conspiracy theories.The Democrats have obviously denied the phone call and have distanced themselves from the ongoing investigation.

TRENDING NOW : Obama Homeland Security IG Arrested On 16 Counts of Conspiracy To Defraud The US, Destruction of Records

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