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WASHINGTON (WJLA) — After a second arrest was made Friday in the Fourth of July shooting of 11-year-old Davon McNeal, 7 On Your Side is learning about a series of factors that may have contributed to his death.

The shooting happened right after a community “peace cookout” in Southeast D.C. Davon’s grandfather, John Ayala, is the founder of DC Guardian Angels. His mother works as a violence interrupter in the city.

According to court documents, a marked Metropolitan Police Department cruiser that had been stationed in the area on a 24-hour detail as a result of a June 29 shooting at the same location was called away on a priority call moments before the shooting.

In fact, the shooting happened between 30 seconds and two minutes after the cruiser left.

We have also learned that Christian Wingfield, the second suspect arrested in the shooting, was ordered released from the D.C. jail on May 22. That came after a May 14 emergency motion for his release because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Wingfield was being held in the jail while his trial for for two charges, Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Possession of a Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device, worked their way through D.C. Superior Court. His initial request for release due to the pandemic was rejected on May 7, but after a subsequent refiling, which argued that Wingfield had a minimal criminal history, familial ties to the District and did not pose a risk to the community, his release was eventually granted.

Police say he was under pre-trial high-intensity supervision with a curfew and GPS monitoring at that time of Davon’s murder.

Wingfield’s GPS monitor was found in the 2600 block of Bowen Road SE on July 6. The device’s strap appeared to have been tampered with and discarded.

Police say there are four other suspects in the shooting in addition to Wingfield. One, Daryle Bond, was arrested Thursday. Two more named suspects, Marcel Gordon and Carlo General, are still at large. Police say a fifth suspect was involved, but that person has not been named.

Marcel Gordon is a 25-year-old from Southeast who has two prior gun arrests as well as multiple other charges.

Carlo General is also from Southeast and is 19 years old. General is a convicted felon and is currently under Maryland’s supervised probation. He was arrested this past spring and charged as a felon in possession of a firearm. He was released back into the community pending a felony possession charge.

Court documents filed Friday include photos from surveillance video of the moments leading up to and of the shooting, according to police.


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