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“Go s*ck a d*ck,” is the equovolant of calling someone gay as an insult and is very childish and very unprofessional.

Disney’s Star Wars actor shared his hot take on racism and white people on Twitter then insulted gay viewers with homophobic slur.

What started off as a very relatable comment from the actor who played Finn in the new Star Wars trilogy quickly turned into a tirade against white and gay people.

“I f***ing hate racists,” the 28-year-old London based actor Tweeted, and although most people agreed with him, he affirmed that he was specifically talking about white people.

A fan responded to his Tweet saying: “Nobody loves racists. I’m from Nigeria and my girlfriend said she hates whites so I broke up with her.”

Boyega than clarified his Tweet and asserted that only white people can be racist. “I’m talking about WHITE on BLACK racism. The type that has ruined the world, not caused a little break up with your girlfriend,” he added.

I don’t hate all all racists, just white racists.

The Star Wars actor’s Tweet didn’t go down to well especially after the recent news of old white veterans being violently beaten for ‘being white’ at several nursing homes in Detroit, Michigan USA.

Police arrested a young black male called Jaden Hayden after he beat several old white people who were bedridden at Detroit, Michigan based nursing homes to a bloody mess and uploaded the video to his YouTube channel.

Boyega later took to Instagram where he responded to hate and, yet again, doubled down saying that he only hates ‘white racists’ and fired back with a homophobic slur.

Suck a d#ck, seriously.

“Ill say it again… F*ck you racists, f*ck you white people,” Boyega said on his Instgram live while streaming from his multi-million dollar mansion.

When people commented on how well he’d been treated and all the success he’d had in his life both in the UK and in the USA, he responded: “Go suck a dick, seriously. It’s not about career and it’s not about money, you can’t rattle me. I mean it.”

It seems as though Boyega may need to look inwards as he is still using childish homophobic slurs as insults against people who disagree with him. “Go sick a dick,” is the equovolant of calling someone gay as an insult and is very childish and very unprofessional.

Racism is racism, it is not inherently a white trait as proven by the hate crimes rampant at the Detroit, Michigan nursing home. Racism should not be tolerated, nor homophobia.

What do you think about Boyega’s comments on ‘white racism’ and his use of a homophobic slur? Let us know in the comments below.

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