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Video shows BLM YouTube streamer approach white girls on the street and force them on their knees to worship him and admit they have ‘white privilege’.

YouTuber known as Smooth Sanchez — who seems to be trolling — claims to be ‘working’ for Black Lives Matter and that white people who do not get on their knees ‘do not show solidarity’ for the movement.

In a shocking 2-hour livestream Smooth Sanchez harasses and targets white ladies and forcing them to kneel before him to show ‘solidarity’ to the Black Lives Matter cause. He claims to represent the ‘Black Lives Matter Foundation’ and that failing to kneel before him his a racist.

Most women who Smooth Sanchez approaches to don’t hesitate to kneel down before the him, obviously in fear of being called racist and slandered online.

The YouTuber who seems to be of Latin-American descent claims to, allegedly as a joke, be a member of the ‘Black Lives Matter Foundation’ and this his boss has asked him to ‘approach white people and get them to kneel before him to show solidarity for their cause.’

Albeit being a possible troll Smooth Sanchez is taking advantage of a very troubling issue. The United States has seen nationwide protests, and even violent riots, to ‘fight against fascist racists.’ White people are seen watching the protests from the sidelines and not actively engaging are targeted and violently attacked.

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