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The loser who lied to the world about COVID repeatedly, covered for China, and has caused more harm, sickness, and death than anyone, is now “weeping for the world,” because nobody’s uniting behind him and his “China-operated” group.

Tedros’ sniffling and weepy comments come after the United States officially severed all ties with the “World Health Organization,” who has completely botched the COVID pandemic and worked overtime to protect and cover for China.

Now, after all the flubs, all the water-carrying for China, this clown has the audacity to “weep” over the fact that the world is not “united” with HIM against COVID.

Maybe nobody wants to unite with WHO because they’re all over the map and have given such ghastly and dangerous information.

Remember when they told us COVID wasn’t “catchy?” That was cute. Or their flip-flopping on masks. They did so many changes to that stance, I don’t even know where they stand now…I am guessing “masks are good” again? Seems to be the new push.

You can watch the video below (his weepy bellyaching starts at the 21:26 mark):

Mr. Tedros can go to his “dear leader” Xi and tell him to fork over more moola so the China-backed WHO can continue operating and spreading propaganda and panic – but as for the U.S., we’re done.

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