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Neil Cavuto is as bad, if not worse than Shep Smith. He hates President Trump and uses his platform to spew lies – although, unlike diva Shep who spread fake news every day, the lies Cavuto spewed about Hydroxychloroquine could have cost people their lives.

Yes, Cavuto is so riddled with Stage 5 TDS that he’d rather watch people suffer and remain sick than even consider that a medication that Trump touted could be beneficial.

Typical liberal behavior…and that’s exactly what Cavuto is…a liberal in a “fake conservative” suit.

Starting back in May, Cavuto named himself “fact-checker” of all things Hydroxychloroquine-related and would blast everything and anything Trump said about the drug like an unhinged lunatic.

You can watch the video from May below:

Back in July, Cavuto went on another tirade against Hydroxychloroquine, shaming President Trump, as if he were some dim-witted grim reaper who was trying to kill Americans…But, as those of us who are not stricken with Stage 5 TDS have known all along, Hydroxychloroquine works and has always worked.

And now, Neil “Fact-Checker” Cavuto knows too, and now he’s forced to eat a huge plate of crow….and it’s deeeeelicious to watch.

You can watch the video below:

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