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People are wide awake, folks. They are WIDE AWAKE and they’re not only aware of what’s happening, but they’re also speaking out

People are wide awake, folks. They are WIDE AWAKE and they’re not only aware of what’s happening, but they’re also speaking out…even hijacking live TV spots to shred the “Black Lives Matter” Marxist movement. Black folks in these neighborhoods know what the issues are with the black community. It’s not police killing unarmed black people – in 2019 10 unarmed black men were killed by police.

TEN.It’s black on black crime that’s killing so many people – and it’s all happening in these liberal-run hell-holes, filled with crime, poverty, and drugs.

And now, BLM wants to take the police away from the good, law-abiding people?

You can understand why people are fed up. They’re living this every day, and they see rich white liberals and black Marxists pushing this political mumbo jumbo.

Do police need to be better community ambassadors? Yes, I think they do, but blacks need school choice, trade schools, infrastructure, and jobs first and foremost. But Dems don’t want to give that to them, because then they lose control because blacks will no longer be “government dependent.”

So they push this BLM nonsense to sidetrack everyone – and the media and Corporate America jump right on board.

Tell me, what will a “Black Lives Matter” sign painted on an NBA court do to help a black family living in poverty?

NOTHING. So you can understand why this man – a man from the neighborhood – is fed up and sick and tired of this garbage. He’s so sick of it, that he actually hijacked a live news story report on that poor little girl who was killed by armed BLM protesters. He started off his rant, saying that if a white police officer had shot that little girl every building would be on fire and every politician would descend on the city with their hands up, preaching about BLM.

But he says no, it’s not BLM. He said that Black people are killing Black people every 32 minutes…that’s the reality.

You will never see this on CNN – they’d rather die than show this to anyone – but this is the reality, folks. This is how REAL BLACK AMERICANS think and feel about what’s going on.

You can watch the video below:

imes are different now. The media doesn’t control the narrative. Social media, even with all of its flaws, still allows us to get the truth out to millions of people. This man’s rant is no longer words that only his community will hear on a local news story – now his words and his passion belong to all of us.


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