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The leader of a black militia group described as an “eye for an eye organization” comprised of “ex-military” who “don’t want to negotiate,” has demanded the United States give free land to all black people descended from slaves so they can form a black ethnostate inside the US.

Shortly after a Black militia group, that calls itself the ‘Not F**king Around Coalition’ (NFAC) made an appearance at Stone Mountain, Georgia, a video of their ‘Grand Master’ became viral, issuing demands for ‘a black nation‘.

A black man who calls himself The Official Grand Master Jay was seen in the video, calling for the United States to give “every African-American descendent of slavery” a separate piece of land, possibly the whole state of Texas.

The group’s apparent leader, Grand Master Jay, in a video shared widely on social media, appears to be talking to a reporter about the NFAC becoming “the backbone for the military” of the black ethnostate. The clip starts with Jay saying: “…the whole nine yard and then become the backbone for the military, for a new Black nation.” 

The reporter then asks him about the solution, to which Jay replies:

The solution is very simple. We follow the declaration of liberation, declaring every African American descendent of slavery a political prisoner here in the United States who were affected by the Portuguese slave trade and then after that the United States has a choice either carve us a piece of land out here, we will take Texas, and let us do our own thing or don’t stop us when we exit this body here and go somewhere where they will give us our own land to build our own nation.

When he is asked how long his organization been in existence, Jay says: “We don’t give that information out. Just that, we’ll tell you this, we’re all ex-military, we’re all very disciplined, we’re all expert shooters. We don’t want to talk no more, we don’t want to negotiate, we don’t want to sing songs, we don’t bring signs to a gun fight.

We are an eye for an eye organization. So when they decide to act right, we’ll decide to act right and we’ll do it all legally, just like they do. Thank you so much, sir.”

Meaww report: With the recent emergence of the militia group amidst the rampant Black Lives Matter protests in the country, there has been an increased intrigue about the group.

What is NFAC?

Although the group appears secretive about its origins, it comprises of armed Black “ex military shooters” seemingly seeking a Black state in the US.

The NFAC has also distanced itself from peaceful Black Lives Matter protests, stating that they believe in an “eye for an eye” approach.

NFAC was previously seen during a George Floyd protest in Minneapolis where they were reportedly protecting Black-owned businesses amid the unrest in May.

The organization was also spotted in a Georgia neighborhood where Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed Black man, was shot and killed by two white residents while he was out jogging. 

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