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Protesting a politician or a celebrity or some other public person who has massive influence is one thing…but to target American citizens for no other reason than harassment and intimidation is quite another. That’s exactly what’s happening to the St. Louis couple who were forced to defend their home with guns last week when the BLM mob broke down their privacy gate and trespassed on private property and threatened to kill them, their dog, and burn down their house.

Well, that mob is back again – even bigger this time – trespassing on private property and harassing and intimidating innocent American citizens for sport. The harassment and intimidation are so bad, that the couple had to board up their home.


Again, these people are not political figures or celebrities.

These are average American citizens and they should not be subjected to this type of torment and mob-intimidation.

What exactly is this mob “protesting” anyway?

It doesn’t matter what reasons they’ve cooked up in their twisted minds. The police should arrest every single one of these people for trespassing.Why aren’t they? Why are these Americans basically on their own?

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