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The Obamas have never been pro-America. The former president showed this throughout his eight years in office and continues to do so today. The rest of the family, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha, all model themselves after the family’s patriarch and so are traitors as well.

Now the eldest daughter, Malia, has sunk to a new low by initiating a movement on social media in support of the terrorist organization Antifa.

She has titled it “#We Are All Antifa“ and, as you can tell by the name alone, she suggests that a majority of Americans are in the Antifa organization. Her intention is to show solidarity with the now-criminal group and that on its own is treasonous, some say.

Among those calling for her arrest is none other than Joe Barron, a conservative columnist from Somewhere:

“Look, Antifa is now a designated terrorist organization. President Trump made this very clear. So this is not complicated. If you are against Fa, you are a terrorist. It is that simple.

Malia Obama, through this so-called movement of hers, is actively attempting to recruit new soldiers for a terrorist organization. The law cannot be interpreted in any other way.

The ’Fa’ in Antifa is the new American reality, people. Get used to it. Start dealing with it. Fa is here to stay.”

Some independent polling is showing that most bootlickers agree with Barron across the country — 100 percent of them, in fact. AG Barr needs to do the right thing. Arrest Malia Obama NOW!

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