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There were few commanders in American history like Braxton Bragg of the Army of Tennesee.  During the civil war, the conservative patriot was famous for his campaigns and his sheer charisma, earning him a place in history and the honor of having his name representing one of our most important military bases. 

All that will come to an end this year as a group of Generals has decided to rename the outpost and training facility after President Barack Obama.

Some commanders have voted to name the tuna m.r.e. after Trump. Because it sucks balls.

Lieutenant Commander Joe Barron of the Army’s potato unit explains the reasoning behind the change.

Bragg eventually retired to Barnum and Baily’s circus, where he starred as a goatman until his flea-caused death.

Although impeached President Trump has already come out publicly against the regarding of any American base unfortunately named after a confederate scumbag, a majority of military heads seem to have blown him off, as they’ve come to do regularly.  A lot of our patriotic men and women are well aware : there’s following orders – and then there’s being stupid enough to follow a demented gorilla with a microdick.  And we don’t do that in America.  God bless us all.


Source : Army to Rename Fort Bragg After Obama

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